Nutritional Anthropology

Assignment 2

Due by the start of class on January 28

In this assignment you are to study your own food quest using techniques like those in Lee RB. 1968. What Hunters Do for a Living, or, How to Make Out on Scarce Resources. In: Lee RB, Devore I. (eds.) Man the Hunter, Chicago: Aldine de Gruyter. Pp. 30–48. Feel free to consult this article during the week you're recording your input/output.  Over the course of a week, record the amount of time you spend in your quest for food and the social contexts of your food usage (your foodways).  How much time do you spend shopping and preparing and consuming food? What kinds of social purposes do your foodways serve? Keep a record of how much your food costs.  Use the current Federal Minimum Wage salary of $5.85 an hour to calculate the amount of time that was required to earn the money to pay for the food (although you may be much better paid). For this assignment, use the word table at this link (right click on the link and use "Save Target As" to download the table to your computer).

Write a short essay using full written paragraphs (observing the principles of good writing, including the grammatical rules included on our writing page at of about three pages describing what you learned by doing this exercise. Send the table and your essay to me as an e-mail attachment at

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