Dr. Bindon's comments are highlighted in red.

Student: Jim Bindon    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 15:01
Journal Entry: Welcome to my final offering of this class.  For your first posting, please tell us a little about yourself.  First, your background, where you grew up, any ideas about race that resulted from your experiences. Also tell us about your academic background: your year, major and minor, and what were your reasons for taking the course--remembering that this course is not required in any curriculum, and what you hope to get out of the course. Click here for my background and history with the concept of race.

Student: Morgan Ashton    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 15:52
Journal Entry: My name is Morgan Ashton and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I'm a junior majoring in International Studies with a minor in Spanish. I took this class because i'm very interested in it and I think race is very relevenat in every day life.

Student: Skylar Chans    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 16:59
Journal Entry: Hi! My name is Skylar Chans, and I am a junior from Atlanta. I lived in New York until I was six years old, so I was basically raised in the south. My town outside of Atlanta is very diverse, with a large percentage of nearly every background represented, so I am excited to learn more about this diversity and its historical and biological background. I am majoring in Advertising, and minoring in International Relations. My minor in International Relations has provided me with interests in anthropology, so I decided to take this course. I am really looking forward to this semester and all that I hope to learn!

Student: Sophie Hoppock    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 20:24
Journal Entry: Hi, my name is Sophie Hoppock and I am a senior English major from Brookhaven, MS. I am taking this course because I am minoring in Anthropology and felt like it would be beneficial to be more educated on the specifics of this topic. The culture of the region where I was raised has historically been entrenched in the ideologies of race and I hope to learn more so that I can eloquently explain the falsity of the idea of race as a biological phenomenon. 

Student: Alexis Pierce    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 20:27
Journal Entry: My name is Alexis Pierce and I am from Mobile, Alabama. I would say that my hometown is relatively diverse, but there is a definite rift between the races. I am a junior majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Art. I decided to take this class because I wanted a better understanding of this topic so many people refuse to talk about. 

Student: Leyla Pirnie    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 21:07
Journal Entry: My name is Leyla Pirnie. I was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey for 12 years; however, my parents are both American. My mother is from German descent, while my father is from Scottish descent.

Student: Roshan Hira    Date: Thursday August 20th 2015 21:34
Journal Entry: Hello! I am Roshan Hira. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. My family and I moved to the U.S. in 1995. I grew up in Greensboro, AL. I am majoring in Kinesiology. After my undergrad I plan to attend UAB for OT school. I took this class not only because UAB requires I have a class in anthology but also I believe that race and religion are very important and sensitive topics in our world today. Learning about race, religion, and ethnicity will help us become more inclined in our knowledge of the diverse world we live in. Also, it will make us more rounded people so we can accept and respect other religions. 

Student: Edward Woodall    Date: Friday August 21st 2015 11:47
Journal Entry: My name is Edward Woodall. I am a senior history and Spanish double major. I come from Four Oaks, NC. It's a town of 2000 people about 45 minutes southeast of Raleigh. I'm taking this class for two reasons. 
1. I got a decent amount of race and ethnicity stuff in Dr. Peterson's class on the history of evolutionary theory and found it interesting 2. My girlfriend, Lauren Nolan, took this class two years ago. She enjoyed it immensely and has been recommending it to me ever since. Also, I promised her I'd take an anthropology class before I graduate  

Student: Jen Krueger    Date: Friday August 21st 2015 13:59
Journal Entry: My name is Jen Krueger and I just transferred from the University of Wisconsin as a junior. I am majoring in International Studies with a minor in Spanish.  I grew up in Reedsburg Wisconsin, a very small town.  Reedsburg is not as diverse as most cities, but I did experience diversity in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I am taking this class because I think learning about human variation is important and also very interesting.  

Student: Amanda Peters    Date: Friday August 21st 2015 15:52
Journal Entry: My name is Amanda Peters and I am an European American that was raised all over the country because of my dad’s job in the Navy. I have met many types of people so I think that makes me very accepting of other cultures. I am a Public Relations major with a minor in French and International Studies. I am taking the course to help me get my minor in international studies and I thought this class was an interesting option. 

Student: Molly Ramsey    Date: Friday August 21st 2015 20:02
Journal Entry: Hey everyone! My name is Molly Ramsey and I am a second semester senior from Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am graduating in December with a degree in political science. After graduating I am hoping to go into public policy and lobbying. Currently, race is a hot topic not only in DC, but everywhere around the country and is a huge part of social public policy which is what I hope to go into. I have some understanding of race from my other anthropology courses but hope to gain a better sense of it from this class. 

Student: Jeremiah Parker    Date: Saturday August 22nd 2015 05:18
Journal Entry: Hello,
My name is Jeremiah Parker, I am originally from Maryland, I lived in Germany for three years.  After I graduated High School in 2009 I joined the United States Marine Corps where I served for 4 years and did two tours in Afghanistan.  Now I am currently a Junior and an International studies major with A minor in Arabic.  I also work as a bartender in Tuscaloosa. 

Student: Tae Sims    Date: Saturday August 22nd 2015 18:49
Journal Entry: Hi! My name is Tae Sims and I am a sophomore studying International Relations. I am originally from the Tidewater region of Virginia, but I have lived most of my life overseas or in Mobile, Alabama. Growing up overseas and in military dense Tidewater created an awareness in me of other cultures, but living in Mobile, it isn’t as diverse the people are a little less welcoming of such varied cultures as I’m used to. I think this class is one of the most interesting topics in Anthropology, as I feel a lot of my life is centered around race even though I don’t want it to be. I hope that with this class, I can understand why we as Americans choose to treat race, as a concept, in the way that we have.

Student: Catie Schrader    Date: Sunday August 23rd 2015 11:32
Journal Entry: My name is Caitlin Schrader. I’m a senior and I’m a Criminal Justice and International Relations double major with a minor in Russian. I grew up in the south mostly. My dad is in the military so we moved around a lot. When moving to different areas, I was always interested in meeting new people and seeing how they interacted with one another. I think race, or perception of race, is an integral factor in peoples’ interactions, especially in the south. I decided to take this course because it looked interesting. I’ve taken courses about minority social relations and social justice in my Criminal Justice program, but I thought it would be interesting to get an anthropological perspective on race.

Student: Ciara Younger    Date: Sunday August 23rd 2015 11:34
Journal Entry: Hi! My name is Ciara Younger and I am a junior. My major is International Studies and minor in German. I am taking this course to fill a requirement for my major. I am very interested in this class and am very excited about the class. I am from St. Louis, Missouri. We have a very diverse culture there and I enjoy living in such a cultured city. St. Louis has a lot of history and the people love to celebrate their history. My grandmother was brought to the US by my grandfather from Denmark. My father was born in Stuttgart, Germany and came to the US at age 11. Race and ethnicity is very interesting to me. 

Student: Eileen Pigott    Date: Sunday August 23rd 2015 11:53
Journal Entry: Hello, my name is Eileen Pigott and I am from a town just outside of Orlando, Florida. I’m an International Relations and German double major with minors in Russian and the Blount Program. Central Florida is a really diverse area and we always have people coming and going because of the attractions. I know that race is a social construct and does not really mean anything, but I have always grouped people into the categories of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Asian, and African American because of the prominence of people from Cuba and Puerto Rico in my area. (It’s kind of a terrible thing but I automatically do it anyway). My sister recently received her Master’s degree in Historical Archaeology from the University of West Florida and she had taken classes similar to this one in the past. They just seemed so interesting that I wanted to take one here at Bama.

Student: Emma Farrow    Date: Sunday August 23rd 2015 15:39
Journal Entry: Hi, my name is Emma Farrow and I’m a sophomore from Los Angeles, California.  I’m double majoring in Spanish and International Studies. Growing up in Los Angeles I feel like I came from a rather racially and religiously diverse background.  I had friends that were Indian, Hispanic, White, Black, and Asian, and went to more quinceañeras and bar/bat mitzvahs then I can count.  That being said I have to be honest in saying that I lived in a bubble due to my socioeconomic standing and attending a private school; however, I also have to give my parents immense credit for doing everything in their power to make sure my siblings and I knew how fortunate we were to live in our “bubble” and make sure we were knowledgeable of the many diverse racial groups and socioeconomic groups that surrounded us in LA.  I wanted to take this course because the interaction of races and cultures has always fascinated me.  I also feel like considering race is such a controversial topic in the united states right now, I wanted to educate myself from an academic standpoint so I can have a better understanding of the many social and economic issues that come along with race.   

Student: Justan Caradine    Date: Tuesday August 25th 2015 10:41
Journal Entry: Hi, my name is Justan Caradine. I am a junior majoring in International studies and Religious studies and also trying to minor in Swahili (easier said than done.) Both of my majors deal with taxonomy and the effects that categorization have on certain races or religions in different societies. Coming from a small, mostly white, town in central Alabama; my hope is that this class will give me a better understanding of race while also tying in to classes that I have taken or plan to take in the future.